Mechelen featured image

Seeking refuge in Mechelen

We were going to visit Mechelen anyway, but when the boiler died and there was no heat to be had at home all weekend, we sought refuge there in a hotel. A long photo walk in the mist/rain/snow in this quaint little city.

Liege diver on island

To Liege – The Supercargo’s vlog, episode 4

My fourth week and fourth vlog episode. I’m still learning by doing. This episode takes me Liège and an exhibition of art by French-American artist Gwenn Seemel, plus I’m very taken by the architecture of Liège railway station.

Mini-Europe featured

Life in Mini-Europe

Life in Mini-Europe: it’s a life in plastic, but I’m not sure Barbie would feel at home here. There’s more going on that you might imagine.

Herge featured

The amazing adventures of Hergé

In which we visit the Hergé museum in Louvain-la-Neuve and learn some things about the creator of Tintin – but less from the museum than from Wikipedia.