Jazz heroes gallery

Jazz heroes from the roll-up blinds of Chausée de Louvain in Saint-Joos-ten-Noode. Many of the photos in this gallery originally appeared as illustrations a Stops and Stories post – “All that Jazz”.

Featured image books 2016

All the books of 2016 – Part 2

All the books I read in 2016 as I kept my New Year resolution. This article is Part 2 of 2. The second half of the year – but more books than in Part 1. I think I was getting into the swing of things. (Also re-reading which usually makes for a quicker read.)

The Supercargo's experimental vlog: Snow over Uccle

TheSupercargo’s emergency vlog

Emergency vlog episode in lieu of the proper episode promised last week. A mountain in labour has brought forth a mouse. Hmm, that sounds vaguely biblical.