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Spring back through the years

A photo essay looking back at Spring (mostly the month of May) through the rear-view mirror of my photo archive, 2011-2021.

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Introducing Pens around the World

Introducing Pens Around the World, a website and a writers’ group for isolated writers working in English and living in far-flung places.

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Behemoth passing – of death and computers

My desktop PC, Behemoth, died on Monday evening at about 5pm. The boot drive had become corrupted. Windows 10 wouldn’t load. The auto repair process was caught in a repeating loop. I was faced with the Black Screen of Death. The panic monsters I’ve been using computers for work and play (and to kill time) … More…

A Nod to Janus

Janus is Roman god of doorways and January. I invoke him to re-launch TheSupercargo.com and say something about the year just gone and the year to come.