GFF 2023 – The Gothenburg Film Festival Gap

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This week TheSupercargo is taking a planned break, but thanks for dropping by!

This Wednesday we are in the middle of the GFF 2023, the Gothenburg Film Festival, here in my adopted home town. I am out and about, trying to see films, attend seminars and enjoy the atmosphere of internationalism. Maybe spot a star or two. Alicia Vikander and Reuben Östlund (both Gothenburgers) are in town, so you never know.

All of which means there’s not a lot of time to write a blog post, so I’m taking one of those planned breaks I wrote about earlier (A blogging plan for 2023).

But maybe you’d like to read something I’ve written about the Film Festival in previous years? Here you go…

A Note on the header image

The stylized dragon in the header image is the logo of the Gothenburg Film Festival. This particular version is borrowed from the website where it appears as the header of the page dedicated to the Anniversary Proect – The Vignet Film.

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