NaNoWriMo: Research


Research is important for any writer … but you’ve got to strike a balance between research and writing. (Still, I do recommend “The Book Job”, episode 6 of the 23rd series of The Simpsons!) © TheSupercargo

Extended faces

Extended faces

Digital art – faces of alternating genders and different ages on an abstract blue and white ground.

Crass punk samurai

Crass Punk Samurai

Digital illustration made up of a samurai, a punk mohawk, the logo of the anarcho-punk group Crass and the colours of the Jpanese flag.

Victorian family

Victorian Family

Digital art – photograph of Queen Victoria and her family, somewhat distorted!

Triptich: 5th January 2011

And still it snows

Photograph with three panels showing a snowy scene in Sweden. Views from my windows.

Sun through frost flowers

Walking on Water

Photographs taken walking on sea-ice off the coast of Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden.

Santa and me

The Supercargo and Friend

Self-portrait – a photograph of The Supercargo with Santa in Göteborgs centralstationen (Gothenburg’s Central Rail Station).