Flora, bicycle helmeted against the rain

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Flora, bicycle helmeted against the rain Flora is a statue by the sculptor Ivar Johnsson and she stands on Floras kulle (Flora’s hillock) just outside the old city. Actually, she’s the main feature in a fountain called called Flickan och sjötrollen (The Girl and the Sea Trolls), so she’s used to being wet, but she seems quite pleased with the child’s bicycle helmet someone has given her against the rain.

I took this photo on the 20th October 2012 and posted it the following day at GBG365. The original is quite dull. Light was at a premium even though it was midday. This picture has had a little photoshoppery to improve the details.

Below is a wider shot to put Flora into a Gothenburg context. You can just see the edge of the city moat in the bottom right. The streets on the other side are Basargatan to the right and Grönsakstorget to the left – Bazaar Street and Vegetable Market. The names preserve a history pre-automobile. Nowadays they are pretty much parking lots. (In fact, that’s exactly how Google Maps lables Grösakstorget.)

Flora, bicycle helmeted against the rain (wider)

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