All the books I read 2019

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This is a complete list of all the books I read during 2019. (And in one case attempted to read.) For more detail on some of the titles see my Reading Diary post: Looking back 2019.

In the list I’ve tried to link the authors to their professional English language home pages. If I’ve been unable to find one, I link to the equivalent on Wikipedia, Good Reads or elsewhere.

Books read 2019 - Korean literature in translation cover
The cover and some of the contents of the Korean Literature: Stories and Poems in Translation by way of an apology for not being able to find any English language link for it. You’ll see the images from the cover formed the basis of my featured image for this post and for 2019 Looking Back.

Even more books…

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2 thoughts on “All the books I read 2019”

    • You’re welcome, Nana!

      Your book was one I bought in Ghana while Mrs SC and I were there last year. Specifically Ghanaian literature isn’t that easy to come by outside of the country. Famous authors like Ayi Kwei Armah or Ama Ata Aidoo apart, it’s books by expatriate Ghanaians like Yaa Gyasi that one comes across. (And one has to look hard even to find these, though Gyasi has been very successful.) So we were keen to visit Ghanaian bookshops and see what was being published locally.

      Turns out it’s not that easy to find specifically Ghanaian literature in Ghana either! Our guide book recommended a bookshop (called SyTris) in a mall near the airport in Accra as having “the best collection of contemporary novels in Ghana”. But that turned out to be non-Ghanaian literature for westerners! However the staff were very keen to help us and they did have a small selection of works by local authors – including your book. Perhaps we would have had better luck elsewhere in Accra, but after that we were only able to visit bookshops in Cape Coast.

      Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

      Best wishes!


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