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A Song of Ice and Snow

A photo essay about winter ice and snow collecting photos mostly taken – though many not used – for my 2012-2014 daily photo bog GBG365.

Mechelen featured image

Seeking refuge in Mechelen

We were going to visit Mechelen anyway, but when the boiler died and there was no heat to be had at home all weekend, we sought refuge there in a hotel. A long photo walk in the mist/rain/snow in this quaint little city.


Persperistance II

November is the cruelest month – the days get shorter, darker, duller, and my pleasure, delight and creativity, spirals away down a plughole.

The Lost Gloves of Winter

As the snow melts, things lost re-emerge. You’d think, the weather being the way it has been this past winter, people would keep their gloves or mittens on and notice if they drop one. Not so, it seems. I took all but two of these photos within a few streets of my home in Gothenburg, and all but one in the last few weeks.

Norðings Podcast 2

Partly an “outside broadcast” recording made climbing a snowy mountain in Norland following reindeer.

Ski-track whiteout

Ski-track whiteout

Whiteout – After the fine weather of my previous photo, a day of snowfall and the ski track is all but invisible in the whiteout.