Lone tree and snowdrift

Lone tree and snowdrift

A lone tree and a snowdrift on the ski-trail at Storhogna, Jämtland. Looking west towards Norway. A photo from a trip celebrating my sister’s 50th birthday.


Norðings Podcast 1

Introduction to TheSupercargo’s Nordings (Norðings) podcasts. How to pronounce Norðings, TheSupercargo’s 1st year in Sweden, water shortages.

The Stream at Munkedal

Spring-winter. Gallery of photographs of spring melt-water in Munkedal stream under the old bridge by Munkedal Manor.

Triptich: 5th January 2011

And still it snows

Photograph with three panels showing a snowy scene in Sweden. Views from my windows.

Happy New Year 2011!

Gallery of photographs of firework displays over Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden 31 Dec 2010.

Sun through frost flowers

Walking on Water

Photographs taken walking on sea-ice off the coast of Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden.