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Falstaffian – a poem. Not ordin­ary, work­aday, ped­es­trian, quotidian, But roar­ing, excep­tional, gar­gan­tuan, Falstaffian!


The creatures of the world debated which of them had most right to the title Prodigious.

Squamous header

The Squamous Dermisaurus

Comic poem featuring imaginary dinosaurs written in response to “Epidermis” as Word of the Day on the Artwiculate word-game. Illustration made in Photoshop.


Not Quite Procol

A re-write of the lyrics of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” using words from the Artwiculate word game.

Medieval apple tree

Pome Poem

Poem about apples and the various meanings of the acronym POME.

St Callous of Acrimony

The Epiphany of St Callous of Acrimony

Epiphany was the word of the day on Artwiculate – three days before the Epiphany of January 2011. As good an excuse as any for further fantasies woven about the personality of St Callous of Acrimony.