The visible fox featured image

The visible fox and other pictures

The visible fox says “I’m not nvisible” – in French – but if I don’t share them here these pictures may be invisible. A gallery of my images, shared during January on various social networks, but not previously published here.

Jazz heroes gallery

Jazz heroes from the roll-up blinds of Chausée de Louvain in Saint-Joos-ten-Noode. Many of the photos in this gallery originally appeared as illustrations a Stops and Stories post – “All that Jazz”.

Faces in the Rocks header

Faces in the Rocks

Faces in the Rocks: Someone says “That rock’s looking at me!” And you look closer and you see … A gallery of photographs of rock faces by Joakim Stampe.

Autumn Squares

Gallery of photographs in square format (109 dpi). Pictures mostly of leaves showing different seasonal colours and colour shifts.


A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Gallery of photographs from an expedition to pick mushrooms – a beautiful fall day in a pine forest in western Sweden.