Wood anemones (vitsippor)

Might be May

It might be May but I’m going to tell you a bit about my doings in April too as I managed to leapfrog over the month from March. I also wish to draw your attntion to the fact that this blog entry is going up on 1st May (just narrowly). Stand you not aghast? (I … More…

Elin’s Story: Review of reviews

Reviews of an Elin’s Story extract published on YouWriteOn. Interpretations of and take-homes from the comments – plus thoughts on some other reviews received

As promised in my previous entry, this is a brief analysis of the reviews the extract of Elin’s Story has received on YouWriteOn.com.

At the time of writing, Elin has received eleven reviews of which I have removed two. We’re allowed to remove one review for every five we receive.


Not the next big author

Reporting on The Next Big Author competition and how the extract of Elin’s Story that I posted there fared.

If you read my previous entry At the Quill, then you’ll know that I submitted the first 7000 words of my novel Elin’s Story to an online competition called The Next Big Author at the end of March.

It’s been a month now and the competition is over (and I didn’t win). So, it seems like a good moment to review the competition and the reception that Elin’s Story received.


Further at YouWriteOn …

Just a short up-date on developments at YouWriteOn where an extract from the current draft of Elin’s Story is in competition.

Further to my previous entry. It’s been 5 days since I last received a review, so whoever was assigned my text to read on 4th April is cutting it a bit fine.