From Gravel Heart to Simple Passion: books read in 2022

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The first novel I completed in January 2022 was Gravel Heart by Abdulrazak Gurnah. The last was Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux translated by Tanya Leslie. From one Nobel Laureate to another! So that’s the the title of this post explained.

Reading resolution revisited

My reading resolution for last year, as for several years now, was to read to the end at least 50 titles. It seems every year I manage it by the skin of my teeth, or just fall short. In 2022 I fell short. At the end of the year I had two books on the the go, but both were still unfinished when the New Year bells rang out. I carry them over to 2023.

Counting everything up in bleary-eyed January, I found I’d read only 49 titles last year. One major problem was the reading doldrums I fell into in March that extended into May. For three of the year’s quarters I read fourteen titles each, but in the second quarter I only managed seven.

Nor did I manage to keep up blogging about my reading as much as in previous years. But that’s not part of this resolution, so I won’t beat myself up about it.

Anyway, here below – in alphabetical author order – are the 49 titles I read completely during 2022. Maybe there’s something here for your own reading list?

The books of 2022

As usual, titles connect to the book’s page on GoodReads where it exists. Author links go in the first instance to the author’s (and translator’s) professional website, in the second instance to their Wikipedia entry. And in the third instance to anywhere remotely relevant I’m able to point you!

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