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All the great books I read in 2020

Last week I published the final entry in my reading diary for books completed in 2020. As last year for 2019, I thought a collection in one place of all the titles I read during the year might be handy. Handy for me, if no one else. All these, each in it’s own way, are … More…

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All the books I read 2019

A list of all the 50+ books I read 2019 together with their authors and links to authors’ websites or similar

Planet library

Planet library – photo of the week

Planet library, this week’s photo, shows part of the new wing of Gothenburg City Library reflected in one of the half-mirrored lights hanging over the stairwell. Originally published 28 April 2014.

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In praise of ABE Books

In which the arrival of a parcel from ABE Books (and a secondhand bookshop in Gothenburg) makes me happy for hours and breaks a writer’s block I’d run into.

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Bibliomania in the family

Does bibliomania run in my family? My grandfather, Charlie Warwick, had the reputation of being a bibliomaniac – among other things.

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A summation of my bibliophile’s – book lover’s – questionnaire that I have been drip-feeding followers with for the last 7 days.