Articulating myself

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Articulations is the category where I collect all the examples of me articulating myself through creative writing. (For posts about the writing process, look under At the Quill.) Though there are a number of pieces that don’t sit neatly under a sub-category, you’ll find most of my creative writing collected as poems, stories, extracts of longer pieces, or memoirs.


Articulating myself: Fouad the suave Zouave
Fouad the suave Zouave

My poems published here vary from the haiku-short (The Bear’s Dream), to the slightly longer (Pome Poem). Some rhyme (Fouad the Suave Zouave) and some are perhaps better described as free verse (Swimming alone). There are some that play with verse forms (An Oddly Haunted Cinquain) and some that are just jokes (Wultan Warrior). There are also some translations from Swedish, for example A Whisper Heard in Babel.

Most recently I published The Short Summer Night (a translation) in June, and Villanelle for Ulla in April.


Unborn header
Laurie in the City of the Unborn

More examples of me articulating myself are the short stories and flash fiction that appear on the site. They range in length. There are the ones written for Twitter in the 140 character days. (Though I cheated and threaded several tweets together in The Inglenook Incident or the story of Two Taciturn Men). Then there are the ones constrained by the 100 word maximum for contributions to the Friday Fictioneers (Time’s arrow thuds home or The House that Grew).

More recently I’ve written a few short stories inspired by things I’ve been reading. For example Laurie in the City of the Unborn inspired by Italo Calvini’s Invisible Cities.


There are also a few extracts from my magnum-opus-in-progressus Elin’s Story, for example Child, this day. I’ve been working on this historical novel for over ten years, but it doesn’t seem any closer to completion. The extract linked here preserve examples from one of the now abandoned versions.


Articulating myself: Bibliomaniac in the family featured image
My grandfather Charlie, the family bibliomaniac

Finally there are the memoirs. Short stories about my doings in the past (My radio days), about my family (Bibliomania in the family), and in a few cases about absent friends (Disparate days, I am diminished).

Articulating myself

It’s been time consuming but actually quite fun, searching out the examples of my writing to link to above.

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